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Making Maryland Gear

I would see people targeting others; I just got sick of it and said everyone in Maryland deserves to be able to express themselves in style. I never got that freedom until I made it for myself, and every community deserves a voice. Everything about my art is about the history of my life in Maryland and only a canvas. They are not the official flags. I often travel the world and meet people everywhere, and each time I go home, it's always a fantastic feeling. So we talk our drawing of the Maryland Blue crab and placed it right in the middle with a fancy white letter; I felt like this would be a good look for Maryland as we are sharp and focused on icons of our home. Every product we created was manufactured by us and came to life from my love of life and the elements of Maryland by me and managed through the company. They are all canvas, brought to you by this local artist from Bel Air, Maryland.


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