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Fat Rabbit Network

Purple Octopus Drawstring Bag

Purple Octopus Drawstring Bag

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Perfect for outdoor activities, sports, holidays, supermarket, travel, and home storage. These bags are the rage of storage and quick-pack in school, home, workplace, and outdoor events.
  • Double-Sided Print: With our designs, we make sure the front and back match each other—one side forward and the other in reverse to match up.
  • FADE RESISTANT/ UV Protected: Our UV ink gives resistance to the weather, and this process allows colors to last outside.
  • Materials: Wash-friendly double-sided polyester. Thicker and printed with Fade resistance.
  • Fat Rabbit Bags: Fat Rabbit Network not only cares about its products, but we also focus our attention on you. Self-expression is important and everyone should enjoy the feeling of compliments! every bag is designed with top-of-line printing colors. You will notice this once you see it. All of our artwork is internal and made by our team, from over 7 years creating bags and consistently traveling using only our bags they have not faded, broken, or shown any sign of age. These are the bags you can take to the beach, desert, and even jungle. We know this from experience and hope you will too.


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